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About Libang
Innovation and Reform, Transformation and Upgrading -Xian Libang Healthcare Group Co., Ltd in Progress Xian Libang Healthcare Group Co., Ltd. was founded in 2002, headquartered in Xian Hi-tech Development Zone, with a registered capital of 22 million yuan. It directly or indirectly holds more than 30 subsidiaries, such as, Xian Libang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Xian Libang Medical Distribution Co., Ltd., Xian Libang Zhaoxin Biological Technology Co., Ltd., Xian Libang Medicine and Science Co., Ltd., Xian Libang Medical Electronics Co., Ltd. Xian Yipong Medical Service Group Co., Ltd. Xian Libang Healthcare Group Co., Ltd. is making full efforts to promote the upgrading of four industrial chains-pharmaceutical industry, medical service industry, medical industry, and massive health industry. With the focus on the hard technology of medicine and the soft strength of medical service, Libang is gradually realizing the transformation and upgrading from a traditional pharmaceutical manufacturing enterprise to a medical service enterprise. The goal is to become a dynamic, multi-billion large characteristic international healthcare collectivized company. The pharmaceutical industry led by the group has formed a mature industrial chain integrating drug research and development, manufacturing and distribution. It has a complete drug research and development center and a complete functional emulsion manufacturing base in northwest China and has formed a unique drug delivery technology system. After years of market cultivation, it has formed three distinctive product systems of anesthesia, cardio-cerebrovascular and parenteral nutrition. Its sales network covers 31 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government, providing timely and effective professional services for nearly 10,000 medical institutions nationwide. In the medical service industry, Xian Yipong Medical Service Group Co., Ltd has been established to construct five template circular platform of medical insurance, cloud hospital, day surgery, family doctor and High-end experts. Taking insurance+ medical internet+ medical service as the starting point, a high-tech internet company with Yipong APP as the core has been established. The medical device industry aims to develop hub-and-spoke and asset-light high-end medical devices. Based on the sales network, it will vigorously expand grassroots private medical institutions, promote chronic disease management projects, and realize the sales of great health products, drugs, and equipment. Centering on chronic disease management platform, massive health model, healthcare products and high-end consumer goods, the massive health industry cultivates new growth points and incubates and spawns new entrepreneurial innovative companies in the massive health field. Xian Libang Healthcare Group Co., Ltd. will continue to adhere to the corporate mission of Advocating Science and Healthy Living, uphold the enterprise spirit of Unremitting Self-improvement, Teamwork Struggle, practice the business model of Independent Operations for Overall Management and make greater contributions to human health.
Libang HealthCare Group
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