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About Libang
Founded in 1996, with its headquarters in Xian Hi-tech industrial development zone, Xian Libang Healthcare Group Co., Ltd. is a high-tech biopharmaceutical corporation that specialized in biopharmaceuticals and innovative pharmaceuticals research and development, production and distribution. Libangs products mainly cover about three aspects: surgery anesthesia, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular, clinical nutrition. After so many years continuous development, Libang has already formed four prominent industries, including pharmaceuticals R&D, production and distribution dominated by biopharmaceuticals and innovative pharmaceuticals, medical industry dominated by high-tech medical equipment R&D and telemedicine, medical service industry dominated by Yipong net and medical insurance broker, health industry dominated by cosmeceuticals and functional healthcare products. Xian Libang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Xian Libang Medical Distribution Co., Ltd., Xian Hanfeng Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Xian Libang Zhaoxin Biological Technology Co., Ltd., and others are subordinate to Xian Libang Healthcare Group Co., Ltd. The marketing network covers about all provinces of China, and some products are exported to Southeast Asia and South America. Since its foundation, Libang has always been adhering to the developing way of Talents training while enterprise developing and has continuously been blazing new trails in employment mechanism and has strengthened the effort in personnel training. In order to make full use of scientific and educational resources, a postdoctoral workstation has already been established in Northwestern University in 2002 to carry out prospective medical research. Meanwhile, Libang has set up new drug R&D center in Canada, and has employed a number of local senior Chinese scientists and foreign scientists in the field concerned to strengthen R&D capability in the field of targeting preparations. After more than 20 years of development, the company has built a professional research team with 16 people with doctors degree and 25 people with masters degree as the backbone. Libang has already become one of the most powerful pharmaceutical companies in Shaanxi province. At present, Libang owns the national-leveled scientific research center, the only research liposome targeting drug research center in China, enterprise technology center recognized by Xi an, Shaanxi, and the state, Shaanxi liposome engineering technology center, and it is also approved as the Xi an technology innovation demonstration enterprise. Libang takes the leading position in the area of targeting preparations technology. It also owns more than 80 patents, 65 products with the national drug approval number, 2 well-known trademarks, and other well-known trademarks of several provinces and cities. Besides, Libang has raw materials certified by the FDA. Over the years, under the concern and support of the government and people from all walks of life, the influence and the scale of the company has been growing rapidly and the competitiveness has been enhancing obviously. From 2010 to 2017, Libang has ranked in the list of Chinas Top Hundred Pharmaceutical Industry for eight years, and was evaluated as the 4th most valuable enterprise in China by IMS. Libang has also been awarded the title of Top 20 of Chinas Innovative Pharmaceutical Companies in the most influential list of Chinas pharmaceutical industry, and Top 10 of Industrial Development Companies in Xian High-tech Zone. Whats more, Libang has gained the title of Xian Technology Innovation Demonstration Enterprise several times. To make great contribution to the society, Libang insists on the principle of A lifelong dedication to humans health is of infinite merits, adhering to the enterprise mission of Respecting Science, and Caring for Health, carrying forward the enterprise spirit ofSelf-improvement and Teamwork Struggle, carrying out the quality policy of Quality first, Continuous Improvement and powers its way to the direction of Professionalization, Standardization, Normalization, Internalization To build an energetic international medical enterprise with 10 billion RMB sales volume is the aim of Xian Libang Healthcare Group Co., Ltd. Libang will devote itself to improving product technology and innovation ability and make great contribution to human health as ever.
Libang HealthCare Group
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